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The infrastructure, capital, and experience to help lending institutions offload distressed assets.

About Merrill Park Capital Group

Merrill Park Capital Group is a real estate investment firm with over $135MM in holdings located throughout the United States in industries including hospitality, assisted living, and logistics centers.

Our approach is to partner with lending institutions and special servicers - big and small, local and national - to help them alleviate the burden of distressed commercial debt and owned commercial real estate.

Our Experience

Originally joining forces nearly 15 years ago, the experience the team at Merrill Park Capital Group has cultivated has allowed it to become a trusted partner to a growing list of lending institutions. 

Being aware of the regulatory pressures faced by lending institutions, our team approaches each engagement with the goal of making the transaction quick, painless, and mutually beneficial for all involved parties.

Below is a small sample of engagements with various lending institutions. Please contact us for a more detailed track record and bank references.

hotel Acquisition

Faced with a distressed borrower, a lender in Northern Florida contacted us to consider the purchase of an underperforming hotel. After swiftly analyzing the potential of the subject property, Merrill Park Capital Group made an offer to the borrower, obtained financing from the same lender, and closed within weeks.

Hotel Acquisition

A regional bank was on the verge of foreclosing on an underperforming mid-Atlantic hotel. Upon learning of the imminent foreclosure, Merrill Park Capital Group made the bank a cash offer and negotiated a cash-for-keys deal with the owner.

Distressed debt portfolio

A national bank marketed for sale a portfolio of distressed CMBS. Merrill Park Capital Group was the first to respond with the most aggressive offer, the closing taking place soon thereafter.

Why Merrill Park Capital Group?

Merrill Park Capital Group aims to create win-win situations for our partner-banks. Our north star steadily remains the alleviation of burdens from the balance sheets of the lending institutions we work with.

Having experience operating on both sides of the transaction, we are fully aware of how to accomplish this: by requiring only common-sense due diligence and respecting the urgencies faced by our partner-banks.

Our success has not come from closing on a single deal, but rather our ongoing relationships. The camaraderie we have with our partner banks continually yield us strong, long-lasting relationships.

Please inquire for references.

Our Team

The team at Merrill Park Capital Group is a combination of professionals with a wide array of skills and experiences, brought together by a mutual desire to alleviate pain points for their clients.

Rakesh Bajaria

principal - investments

Chirag Savalia

principal - Investments

Tejal Patel

Principal - hospitality

Anand Acharya

principal - counsel

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